August 12th, 2009


Jerry Yan has new director dream

Following in the footsteps of Jay Chou & Leon Lai, Jerry Yan has also ignited a director dream! Recently, he has been busy filming GTV idol drama ‘Down With Love’ and during his free time, he would perch next to the cameraman to learn filming techniques. It seems he’s already started to secretly learn to become a director, hoping that in the future he will have the opportunity to personally step up to the role.

Loves to chat & learn from directors

Earlier, Jerry guested in Jay Chou’s self-directed drama ‘Pandamen’ and although the 2 are both under ‘JVR’ management company, they seemed to have few interactions at the filming scene. Jay expressed: “He has more to say with Will Liu, because he is quite an introvert, and needs to be guided.” Although they had few interactions, Jay’s directing had a big influence on Jerry, plus after watching good friend Leon Lai’s self-directed film ‘No puedo vivir sin ti’ he was amazed and touched.

Jerry usually likes to study 3C products, and he is also very interested in camera lens and photography. He has collaborated with many directors, including Director Cai, Director Lin & Director Ke etc, and he loves to chat with them about the filming process. He often has many surprise actions, and would personally prepare sunglasses, masks, and other little props. He has so many cheeky ideas that it makes directors sigh in amusement, especially when he would perch beside the cameraman to learn filming techniques, making all the staff members tease the cameraman: “You’re going to have no food soon!” (translator note: they’re joking that Jerry's gonna steal his job so he’ll be out of money)

Plans to achieve dream in 2-3 years

Jerry has been caught secretly learning filming techniques, and it seems he intends on moving forward on the director path. Yesterday, his manager Fenny revealed: “Jerry does hope to get the opportunity in the future to achieve his director dream.” According to sources, Jerry hopes to achieve his director dream within 2-3 years.

Jay Chou certain he will quickly achieve dream

Currently, Jay is in America, but his staff members expressed in private that Jay feels Jerry is very serious towards filming, and based on his serious attitude, he believes that he will quickly be able to achieve his dream.


F4 star Vic Chou may try to blend in, but he still can't hide his star power

HE REFUSED to stay in a five-star hotel, opting instead to share his film crew's NT$400 ($17) a night accommodation.

Certainly not something one would expect from Taiwanese superstar Vic Chou.

Vic is famed for being one quarter of boyband F4 (now known as JVKV), a foursome that gained regional blockbuster success after starring in the 2001 Taiwanese mega-hit, Meteor Garden.

Said Vic, 28: 'When I was young, due to differences in backgrounds and things that we owned, my friends and I had many misunderstandings.

'For me now, I want to be treated the same as everybody else. As long as we are all happy together, that's good enough for me.'

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A domestic goddess in the making?

With her newly-established fashion label progressing steadily, Jolin Tsai sets her eye elsewhere and starts attending cooking classes. Will this mark the beginning of a new Jolin food chain?

Pop idols Jolin Tsai, Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong, and Nicholas Teo were present in Hong Kong a few days ago for the Hong Kong Metro Radio prize-giving ceremony. It was a rare sight to see these four big names gathered together despite them being under the same parent company. The three male singers had a special surprise up their sleeves for their one and only fellow "sister" Jolin.

The three men doted on their pop princess junior, Jolin, and decided to present her with various cooking utensils when they got wind of her recent interest in cooking classes. After many discussions, they decided shower her with gifts from her beloved Hello Kitty collection, an apron, a frying spatula, a soup ladle, and a whisk. The pop princess beamed from ear to ear as she received her adorable gifts, "It is too cute! I will have to use them in my next class!"

The camaraderie shared between the quartet was obvious as the boys showed their cheeky side and mercilessly teased Jolin to display her culinary skills. They bantered around and suggested to organize a big cookout to see if she met with their expectations and standards of being a good wife. "You guys are too much! I just started classes and will require some time before I even become good at cooking!" she retorted.

When Khalil quipped in and added that he was vegetarian and she had to learn how to whip up vegetarian delights, the pop princess protested, "It's too difficult! Are you guys trying to bully me?!" Being the only guy amongst the trio who had some cooking proficiency, Khalil even offered to impart his skills to her. A bashful Nicholas and Jam stood at a corner and meekly acknowledged their zero cooking abilities, "We are only responsible for the eating, we won't be able to help you guys on that day!"

Unlike Jolin who already has an established and reputable singing career, Khalil, Jam, and Nicholas are currently running between countries, busy promoting their music albums. As they lamented about their busy schedules to each other, the experienced Jolin comforted and encouraged them, "It will soon pass! Hang in there children!"


Andy will perform to raise funds for Typhoon Morakot victims

The Sichuan Wenzhou earthquake in 2008 united Chinese around the world. One year later, Typhoon Morakot slammed into Taiwan taking lives and causing serious damages. With regards to this, Taiwanese artistes Jay Chou, Show Lo, Jolin Tsai had already donated to the victims.

In this coming Friday, Taiwanese showbiz top-notch variety show producer Wang Jun and Wang Wei-zhong had collaborate a 4-hours funds raising program “Bring Out Your Love” where top comperes Matilda Tao, Zhang Fei, Hu Gua and Jacky Wu will host the program. Andy Lau, David Tao, Show Lo, Soda Green and Crowd Lu will be performing. Up till press time, the artistes had already raised more than NT$30 million.

Andy Lau whom had just finished the shooting of Detective Dee took a look at his schedule and decided that he would jet to Taiwan on Friday to perform in the fund raising program. He expressed that he will pay the air ticket and accommodation from his own pocket, he said: “I can do anything, I can even be the telephone operator!”

Song Xing Juan from Taiwan’s Focus Group said: “Andy is never slow when comes to fund raising for disaster victims, as this time Taiwanese are the victims, we are very depressed.”

The reporter understand from the organizing committee of “Bring Out Your Love” that the event will have the background of “Superstar red carpet”, top comperes from CtiTV and CTV together with Andy Lau, David Tao, Cai Qin, Jiang Hui, Nicky Wu and more than 200 other artistes in a marathon performance to raise funds.


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