August 11th, 2009


Tony Leung on the road to recovery

'Ip Man 2', starring Donnie Yen officially started shooting yesterday. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for 'The Grand Master', which was originally set to film seven years ago. During a practice session with five Wing Chun masters a few weeks ago, Tony broke his arm. Currently he is still waiting for his arm to heal. Although Donnie Yen's film has once again taken a head start, Tony is not worried. For a movie he's already waited seven years for, another few weeks won't make a difference. Right now he's waiting for his doctor's approval before he starts training again. Once he's given the all clear, he will resume work.

Earlier on, reporters found Tony leisurely enjoying high tea at the Mandarin Hotel with his female Japanese friends. Tony was speaking in English throughout. His companions must have been good friends of his, as he was meeting them by himself. His wife Carina is busy filming in Beijing. She also attended the premiere of Zhang Ziyi's new film, 'Sophie's Revenge'. With Carina occupied, Tony seems to be let off the hook. Tony and his friends stayed around two hours before leaving. When he left, reporters spotted Tony carrying a Hermes gift bag. Maybe it was a gift from his friends? Or is it something he bought for himself?

Afterwards, Tony went through the tunnel at the Star Ferry Pier to retrieve his car in the parking lot. Reporters noticed Tony was moving briskly. His arm no longer sported any bandages, so it seems his recovery is going well. Tony was also driving by himself and looked rather dashing. Although he appears to have lost weight, he still looked very fit, perhaps due to his prior training. After noticing reporters, Tony continued smiling as they took pictures.


Jerry Yan Braves the Typhoon to Continue Filming for [Down With Love]

Jerry Yan is currently focusing on the filming of GTV idol drama - [Down With Love], and has continued so despite the typhoon recently. Although he has to leave home for work, all filming has been changed to indoors shooting instead for safety. However recently fans and netizens have been complaining on Jerry’s official website on the leakage of [DWL]’s storyline and voiced their concerns that this might affect the viewership ratings adversely. Yesterday, producer Ke Yi Qin clarified, “There is no possibility of the storyline being leaked out in advance.”

Fans Protest on Leakage of Storyline

[DWL] has yet to wrap up filming, but fans have already protested on Jerry’s official website that they could view the summary of the storyline for the 25-episode serial online. The information not only included the storyline, but also the plots and subplots. Ke Yi Qin denied this and clarified, “Our script consists of 15-episode of 90-minutes drama. There is no possibility of a leakage for a 25-episode storyline.” Meanwhile Jerry’s artiste manager, Fenny added, “The storyline would not have been leaked out in advance.”


Zhang Ziyi stars in novice director's 'Revenge'

BEIJING -- In Zhang Ziyi's latest role in "Sophie's Revenge," which premiered in Beijing on Sunday, she plays a character that bears some resemblance to the film's novice writer and director, Jin Yimeng.

Both are cartoonists in their late-20s/early-30s. Both live in modern, urban China. Both dress fashionably. Both have active imaginations. The similarities might end there, but Jin said hers is one chick flick she hopes will tap into truths fast becoming universal in China.

"Chinese women are looking at the world now. We like to watch everything, we like to shop and we like to gossip," said Jin, a published cartoonist whose simple, black-and-white line drawing style brings Sophie's imagination to life in the new film, in combination with Zhang's live-action performance -- "kind of like Ally McBeal," Jin said.

The film, about a scorned woman getting back at her ex, was also made with "French Kiss" and "Addicted to Love" in mind, Jin said.

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Eason's latest album leaked

Set to be released next month, Eason Chan's latest album, 5th Floor of Happiness, ran into problems of a premature online leak with five of his new tracks currently circulated on the internet. Apart from that, a fan went as far as to mimic and record one of Chan's latest tracks onto a CD and had it mailed to the bewildered King of Cantopop.

Chan's latest album features a plethora of collaborations with different musical talents such as Tanya Chua, Sodagreen, Mavis Fan, Xiao An, and Ah Xiang, the vocalist of rock band Luantan Ascent. Chan's record company has confirmed that all five collaborated tracks had been leaked onto the internet. The company is currently carrying out a thorough investigation to see if the leak was an intentional move.

As if the leak of five songs were not outrageous enough, Chan received a CD from a fan who re-sung one of his latest compositions, 'How Much', which is also one of the leaked tracks. The singer was exasperated as he disappointingly expressed that he could not be bothered with these anymore.

This is not been the first time such leaks have happened in the music industry. Previous victims include Angela Zhang, whose song was accidentally leaked online by the music producer's assistant. Jay Chou has also experienced similar leaks before the official release of his album.


Lol, this: "a fan went as far as to mimic and record one of Chan's latest tracks onto a CD and had it mailed to the bewildered King of Cantopop." really made me laugh. XD

Also, I had no idea he had an album coming out, damn.

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Series premiere of "Meteor Shower", English subbed!

Source: Cfanboys2

The above embedding is for the first part of the series only, and not the entire episode 1 (which is English subbed). If you want a specific episode/part, go to the source.

And cuz I love polls. What didja think, Aiya?

Poll #1442604 Chinese "Hana Yori Dango"!

Did the Chinese version of "Hana Yori Dango" meet your expectations?


Are the H4 hot?


Best H4 out of all the versions?

Korean! (Boys Over Flowers)
Japanese! (Hana Yori Dango)
Chinese! (Meteor Shower)
Taiwanese! (Meteor Rain)

How would you rank HYD!China so far, with 10 as the highest?

Mean: 4.89 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.55

Andy revealed that he will involved in New Shaolin Temple

With a budget of close to $2 billion, New Shaolin Temple which will be directed by Benny Chan kept having news of the cast, Andy Lau, Jackie Chan and Jay Chou joining and Jet Li returning to Shaolin Temple had been ongoing. Currently when attending a music concert, Andy revealed that he had not signed the contract but the chances of joining the cast is high. When reporter telephoned director Benny Chan, he expressed that he’s currently busy shooting City under Siege, with regards to the allegation of many superstars joining the cast, Benny expressed: “It’s impossible to have so many megastars.”

However, Andy did confirmed that he has an upcoming film project, that is joining the cast of New Shaolin Temple as he said: “I’ve been discussing this project for one year, in the film I’ll be the son of a warlord, I’m good at using the spear.” Andy also added: “From what I know, there will be no Jet Li.”

It is said that this son of warlord lead a group of people to Shaolin Temple to arrest criminals but a senior monk came out to stop him, but he ignore this senior monk and went on to search for the criminals in the temple, they finally broke into a fight. Jet Li is alleged to be cast as the senior monk. As the final script has yet been finalized, but Andy’s character seems to be a villain. It is also alleged that Jackie Chan will cameo for the film for a few days, he will be a Shaolin Temple general.

When told of what Andy had said, Benny is delighted but added that many things can be changed, the characters in the film could be changed. With regards to Jackie Chan, Jay Chou and Jet Li, Benny express that details are discussed by Emperor Group, he’s unsure of the concrete details, he said: “From the commercial point of view, of course I hope that it will be a star studded film, but it’s impossible to have so many superstars.”

In addition, Benny expressed that he would not be adding too much special effects as it will be mostly fist-fighting kung fu to bring out the original Shaolin kung fu.


Ugh, Jay Chou again? I'm happy about Benny Chan directing though, oh yes. :3 I do enjoy Andy as a villain too, ahahah.