July 29th, 2009

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Jane Zhang Kicks it Up for Barcelona


Jane Zhang is officially too cool for all of us. We all know that she has that polished voice with incredible range, and an acute business sense that has lead her all the way to success. But this girl has many sides, and one of them is being a rabid soccer fan, one who's great with predictions and done World Cup commentating. Her favorite team is FC Barcelona and she was invited to support their Chinese fansite through a new photoshoot, where she wears her own official jersey, emblazoned with Z.Jane and the number of her favorite player, Messi, whom she got to meet and gave her CDs to. The pictures will be featured in the August issue of a sports magazine. Go below for more pics and blog entries she's done related to the last World Cup.

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zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Super Junior-M promotes August fan meeting!

Hangeng: Hello, we are Super Junior M! This time Oppo brings you a music carnival night
Ryeowook: In August
Siwon: August 4th
ZhouMi: August 4th at
Kyuhyun: Beijing
Donghae: ChaoYang district, Beijing
Henry: ChaoYang district Century theatre, Beijing
All: August 4th, promise with you
Siwon: Touch real SJM
Zhoumi: Go online to see
Henry: Check info online at
Hangeng: www.oppo.com
Ryeowook: OK With you I'm Ryeowook
Kyuhyun: With you I'm Kyuhyn
Donghae: With you I'm Donghae
Henry: With you I'm Henry
Zhou Mi: With you I'm Zhoumi
Siwon: With you I'm Siwon
Hangeng: With you I'm Hangeng
All: OPPO retains your best (info/moments), really!

Source: SJM7Rainbow

They're back already, omg.

David Tao's new album will be released in August

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"...David Tao comes back with his new album in three years titled Opus 69. The number in the title references a number of things, among which is that it's the singer-songwriter's 6th album and 9th CD. Besides, David was born in the summer of '69, and the symbol of his zodiac sign, Cancer, resembles "69". Moreover, in the ancient text of I-Ching, 6 and 9 symbolize "change" and "rebirth", and the numbers when pronounced in Japanese are similar to "rock", which is what this highly anticipated album is about! David puts aside his famous R&B style to return to his musical roots in rock music for this band sound-oriented album, which comes with new songs like "Your Song", "Zero to Hero", "Adoration", and "RE.DT". -- YesAsia

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