July 28th, 2009

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Track star Liu Xiang films promo for the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix

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Injured Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang is still recovering from surgery on his Achilles tendon, but will compete in October at the 11th China National Games in Jinan. He recently filmed a promo for the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, which will be held on Sept 20th.

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This post has been brought to you by Liu Xiang's Louis Vuitton diaper-lookin thingy:

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First mainland-Taiwan joint symphony orchestra debuts in Beijing

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- The first symphony orchestra made up of performers from the mainland and Taiwan made its debut in the National Center for the Performing Arts here Monday, marking new progress in cross-Straits cultural exchanges.

Famous Chinese conductor Lv Jia acted as the orchestra's music chief inspector. Performers played representative works of mainland and Taiwan composers as well as those of world-renowned musicians, such as Russia's Tchaikovsky.

Jia Qinglin, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and Kuomintang (KMT) honorary chairman Lien Chan watched the performance.

Expressing his appreciation of the performance, Lien said: "The musicians are writing a chapter of peaceful development with their music." Co-founded by the mainland's China Symphony Development Foundation and Taiwan's New Aspect Cultural and Educational Foundation, the orchestra is scheduled to perform in several mainland and Taiwan cities in the coming week, including Shanghai and Taipei.

Source: Xinhuanet
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New Bruce Lee film authorized in Beijing

Bruce Lee's older sister and younger brother have authorized a Chinese company to make a trilogy of films about the Kungfu star. Along with Hong Kong film director Manfred Wong, Bruce Lee's family members took part in the signing ceremony early this week in Beijing.

July 20th marked the 36th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death. Many events were held to commemorate him. And, there's a plan to produce a new movie series named "Bruce Lee". Based on his real life, it will portray a more realistic Bruce Lee than ever. Producer Manfred Wong wasn't giving away any secrets, but Robert Lee, the younger brother of Bruce Lee was too excited to keep from mentioning some potential stars names.

Bruce Lee's younger brother Robert Lee said, "Last week, I met Leung Ka-fai. When we talked about the filming plan, he asked if he could act Bruce Lee's father."

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco in the United States. His acting career began at an early age of seven. At 14, he started to learn the Wing Tsun style of martial arts with Yip Man. Through his movies, Lee brought Chinese Kungfu to the world. On July 20th, 1973, Bruce Lee died at the age of 32. Lee published more than 10 books on martial arts and the spiritualism it spread. The award-winner took part in over 40 films.

Source: People.cn

And this post is brought to you by this super adorable picture (never thought I would call Bruce Lee adorable, omg) I found on Google while making my news header:

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Show Luo gets picked on by netizens again

NBA Star Kobe Bryant arrived at Taiwan on thursday, at night he held a brief private party, [Xiao Zhu] Show Luo attended the party, but his attendence made some internet users angry :"He doesn't even know how to speak English, just trying to [attract attention again]." This made Xiao Zhu who was invited to attend feel rather irritated.

After Xiao Zhu was being critisized that his attendence in Michael Jackson's commemoration activity was too "high profile", he is being critisized again because as he attended Nike's party last Thursday. He took a picture with NBA's Bryant, and Japan's fashion king Fujihara Hiroshi and this picture was exposed onto the internet which caused internet users to critisize him even more. Internet users made up stories while looking at the picture, as they know that Xiao Zhu can't speak english they assumed that he was "kicked to the side", and Bryant only chatted to Fujihara Hiroshi.

Xiao Zhu's manager Xiao Shuang was there that evening. She explained that Xiao Zhu had also designed shoes for Nike. That evening he was invited as a "representative for the entertainment industry" to attend the activity held in Nike's flagship store, and as Bryant had to leave Taiwan at 8 that night, the 3 of them only took one picture, and Bryant had to hurriedly leave.

Xiao Shuang also explained that Xiao Zhu never conceals the fact that he doesn't know how to speak English well, but as one of Nike's superior introduced Show as "Taiwan's No.1 idol, and also loves to play basketball" to Bryant, the two of them greeted each other in a "basketball way". After Bryant left, Xiao Zhu chatted with Fujihara Hiroshi.

Xiao Zhu already knows about the criticism that the internet users are giving him, he feels rather put out. Xiao Shuang said: "Recently everything that Xiao Zhu does is being enlarged, he was invited to go. It was the company (Nike's) request to take a picture and write about it, the picture was exposed by the company, and he's still being critisized for that, I really don't know what to say anymore." Towards this, Nike emphasizes that Show was invited by them, and the party was to celebrate 6453 idea and to release Nike ID Kobe IV to the customers.

Source: AsianFanatics

Poor Show. :( He's a good guy; leave him alone already.
But at least he had Fujihara Hiroshi to talk to? They both speak Japanese and all. :D

Vic Zhou: I won't conceal my future relationships

Vic Zhou was in Guang Zhou a few days ago for a meet-and-greet session. Although the actor smilingly rejected to discuss about his past relationship with Barbie Hsu, he revealed that he will not keep his next relationship under wraps. Chinese actress, Ariel Lin who recently released her new album was also present at this session.

Zhou was at Shanghai in the beginning of the year for the filming of television series, The Last Night of Madame Chin. He will portray the role of an immature character with a gentle and good temperament. The actor commented that this is his most challenging role to date.

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Wilber Pan felt no sparks with Hyori

Wilber Pan was doing activities in Shanghai yesterday, he was asked about the feeling of being sat on the lap by Jolin* and Lee Hyori, he answered cleverly: “I’m not close to Lee Hyori, and Jolin is a good friend, so the difference is only unfamiliar and familiar.”

Last week, he spent 3 days in Shanghai singing and filming the MV, then he spent another 3 days in Seoul to continue the filming. According to reports, it was Lee Hyori who had a preference for him because of his popularity in China and wants to enter the Chinese market through him, they collaborated in a song with Korean, Chinese and English, which will be included in her new album.

Even though it is their first collaboration, there are still a lot of intimate scenes, including kiss scene, from rehearsing to the actual filming they kissed in total 12 times, it was her first on screen kiss. Wilber Pan admitted that kissing her was romantic, “It was pretty good!”.

And about being sat on by a Korean beautiful girl, did he have a physiology reaction? He laughed and said: “There were over a hundred of staff on the set staring at us, I was very focused on acting, how could I have a physiology reaction!”

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Source: Hyolee Subs

* Jolin Tsai is rumoured to be Will's girlfriend.
Source notes: Song has not been confirmed to be her album (in October), and the kiss isn't Hyori's first on-screen kiss.
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Jolin Tsai films new Pepsi commercial

Jolin Tsai filmed another Pepsi commercial yesterday, acting the lead female singer of a band in the commercial.

At the film site, she was interviewed: "I've always wanted to help teenagers achieve their dreams, as long as they're confident and agreeable; just like the commercial, to help them step up on-stage, allow them to achieve their musical dreams. During life, there will be a lot of people saying that you shouldn't do such and such, but I think as long as you believe in yourself, then you can definitely make your dream happen."

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Source: Sina, Sina (2)
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China bans 'mafia-style' online games

BEIJING (AFP) - China has banned online games featuring sinister mafiosi and knife-wielding street gangs, accusing the software of promoting anti-social behaviour and harming youth, state media said Tuesday.

The Ministry of Culture has issued a notice prohibiting such games, which have thrived on the Internet recently, said the People's Daily, the Communist Party's mouthpiece.

The games "highlight the anti-social gangster behaviour of beating, killing, looting, raping and cheating, and they promote bloodshed and violence", the ministry said in a statement posted on its website on Monday.

They must be banned because they "gravely threaten and distort society's efforts to build a lawful society and moral codes and will easily harm the youth", the statement said.

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Source: Yahoo!

Idk. How come I'm not surprised? = ="
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Kelly Chen faked pregnancy?

Taiwanese media reported that Chen managed to stay slim and lose her maternity weight gain so quickly, because she had not been truly pregnant. She had faked her pregnancy to cover for her younger brother, Victor Chen.

The songstress declined to respond to the rumour. Victor, who was previously rumoured to have become a monk in China, later clarified that he had shaved his hair only for a role in a film.

When a three-months-pregnant Chen appeared on a concert as special guest, dancing on stage with a pair of high heels on, media had already started speculating if she was really pregnant. She continued shooting commercials during the later months and even maintained her slim figure, face and legs, in unbelievable good shape despite being in her later part of pregnancy.

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Source: Yahoo!

Wow. Just what?! O____O