July 20th, 2009


Now Cecilia denies it

Hong Kong actress-singer Cecilia Cheung denied she was pregnant when she appeared at her friend Eric Kwok's recent concert. Cheung, who was seen in loose clothes, said she was enjoying life with her two-year-old son, Lucas, and would postpone any plans for a second baby.

When Cheung was asked about a possible pregnancy, the actress said she would like to delay such plans as she prefers to cherish the time she has playing with son Lucas. She also expressed admiration for another Hong Kong star, Kelly Chen after she gave birth.

Cheung's friends helped her deny rumors about her pregnancy. Eric Kwok wondered why there was such a rumor every time Cheung spent time away from the public eye.

One of the guest performers, Alan Tam, added he didn't believe Cheung was having a baby as he saw the actress dancing backstage.


Lol, I guess it's safe to say there's no 2nd baby on the way. XD


Female Generals of Yang House Search

The shooting 2010 huge film project – Female Generals of the Yang House: Jun Ling Ru Shan, a collaboration between Heilongjiang TV and Shanghai Film Studio which will start at the end of the year.

The story of the Generals of the Yang House is a famous story in Chinese history, the film will be based on Generals of the Yang House. Sources from the film production company, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh, Si Qin Gaowa, Fan Bingbing, Charlene Choi, S.H,E and Yu Shaoqun. In order to search for new talent as the female generals of the Yang house, the film production company had organize a Female Generals of Yang House Search.

Females between the age of 18-40 years old whom love to act can join the Female Generals of Yang House Search. As the film is a period action film, those selected would have action scenes to tackle with. The search will be carried out in 8 different areas, 12 will be selected from each areas to compete in the finals held at Heilongjiang TV.


I'm starting to lose track of all Andy's upcoming projects, lol.


Da Dong & Calvin Chen take turns in marrying Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang shooting "Momo Love" has made her love relationship blossom, within one day she got married twice. The grooms Da Dong and Calvin Chen took turns to shoot their wedding pictures, but while embracing Cyndi Wang the two had 25 year old mixed Japanese model Lena on their minds!

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