July 17th, 2009

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Korean is the best way into Ariel Lin's heart

Korean is the best way into Ariel Lin's heart

To capture Ariel Lin's affection, use Korean to express your love, say things others have never said before and you'll be right. Ariel Lin appeared on Channel V's hosted by Blackie and Mei Mei. An exchange student professed his love for her: "Can you smell something burning?" As they got suspicious he then said, "Because as soon as I saw you, my heart caught fire." Ariel was clearly struck, shyly turning around in circles like a little dog, then answered, "My heart has also been scorched."

Ariel Lin and her junior Zhang Rui Jia went on the program and Blackie and Mei Mei invited three loyal fans to the show. The first fan was a doctor who first warned his own older brother not to fight with him for Ariel, then wearing his doctor's uniform, he danced Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry", making Ariel the Korean Language graduate very happy. The second fan had a cool appearance like the band Shin's former lead singer Ashin. Since he had graduated from Food & Beverage studies, he personally cooked a mung bean soup to capture Ariel's heart. Later, his room was inspected and they found a few photos of him and Ariel stuck together as posters.

Ariel was already very touched but the third fan, a handsome guy from Hawaii University, had previously specially learnt some Korean pick-up lines from his Korean dorm buddy and then bravely used the "scorched heart" line to express his love. In the end, Ariel exclaimed, "So corny!" But she still replied back to him in Korean, "My heart has also scorched!" choosing him in the end. This content will be aired tonight 10 pm and furthermore, at noon today, Ariel will visit UDN's "Smile Kingdom" Exhibition.

Source: AsianFanatics

Bryant Chang!! ♥ *___*
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Meteor Shower's H4 and drama's subtheme

Meteor Shower's H4 and drama's subtheme

Here are the four guys performing the theme song of the drama on some sort of gala presentation yesterday. This is their first ever performance of the song.

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Source: Cfanboys, Lightronger

The drama is sadly getting a lot of backlash from HYD fans for "copying HYD", but I think people need to remember that this isn't a remake, but more like a "model" of the original Hana Yori Dango. Similar, but with major differences.

So anyways, who plans to watch it?
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Raymond Lam to do drama based on Japan's "Galileo"

Raymond Lam to do drama based on Japan's "Galileo"

The costume fitting for Shall We State the Case (title of the drama), featuring Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma was held yesterday. The drama will be based on Japan's drama, Galileo, about a genius who helps out a cop in certain cases.

Quick translated summary of the above video:
  • Raymond says he knows nothing about detective or genius-like phrases (e.g. science and all that), so while reading the script, he felt like as if he was studying a textbook.
  • Lisa S. will be playing one of Kenneth's girlfriends.
  • Kenneth will be playing a playboy detective.
  • Tavia and Raymond will probably get matched up.
  • Kenneth's character has the hots for Tavia's character despite all his playboyness.
  • Tavia's mom really admires Kenneth, and Kenneth's mom really admires Tavia.

Source: Thejetters
Translations & Summary: Wendy @ Aiyatheydidnt

Bernice has a Twitter too. I think only Sammul Chan and Bernice are the only actors under TVB who have Twitters.

And I'm still waiting for a new Raymond/Leila drama. :(

Historical War Movie "Wheat" to Be Released in September

The historical war movie "Wheat," which opened the Shanghai International Film Festival last month, will hit film screens around China on September 28, according to a report on the portal Sina.com.

The film, starring Fan Bingbing and Huang Jue, is about the Chang Ping Campaign, a famous battle during China's Warring States Period(453-221 bc). It centers on the extraordinary experiences of two ordinary soldiers during their escape from the battlefield. Because the two soldiers were originally farmers who worked in wheat fields, the film was titled "Wheat."

Movie director He Ping spent six years preparing to film the ancient battle epic which features ordinary soldiers as protagonists instead of generals or emperors.

"Wheat" is one of the major productions of Beijing Polybona Film Distribution Corporation this year. When the film preview was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival this February, audiences were captivated by its beautiful scenery and mysterious plot. They also praised its pleasant music score and excellent performances by the actors.