July 14th, 2009


Tony Leung Breaks Arm in Training Session

Directed by Wong Kar Wai and starring Tony Leung, 'The Grand Master' has met with countless obstacles from the start. Seven years ago, Tony started learning Wing Chun from Master Ip Man's son, Ip Chun, to prepare for the movie. However, Wong Kar Wai kept delaying the film. Last year Raymond Wong took over with his version of Ip Man, starring Donnie Yen. Not only did Producer Wong's version do well at the box office, it also garnered many awards. Undeterred by it, Wong Kar Wai stated that he will shoot his version in August/September. To prepare for the role, Tony has been training relentlessly. Yesterday during a practice fighting session, he was kicked in the left arm, which broke on impact.

Bulking Up with Martial Arts and Training at the Gym
To prepare for the movie, Tony has begun training since October of last year. Besides practicing Wing Chun, he has also been working out at the gym to build up his body. As filming was scheduled to start in August/September, he has steadily increased his training sessions. Starting early morning he will train with different Wing Chun masters to practice his fighting. With such an intense schedule, something finally went wrong yesterday.

Practiced Fighting with Five Wing Chun Masters
Yesterday Tony began training as usual with five Wing Chun masters. Tony appeared very strong in his attack, going towards one master at full force. The master was surprised by him and naturally reacted in self defense, using his own force to counter attack and kicked Tony's left arm. Tony's legs then buckled and he painfully held onto his left arm with his right arm. Since his arm had no strength, he went to the hospital for a check up. After x-rays were taken, it showed that one of the bones in his left arm was broken. The doctor suggested that Tony's arm be put in a cast, but Tony refused saying that muscle atrophy will set in and all the work he spent building the muscles in his arm will be wasted.

Hasn't Notified Wife Carina
As broken bones take about 5 to 6 weeks to heal, the doctor has told him not to move his arm at all costs. Not only can he not practice Wing Chun, he's not even allowed to go jogging. But Tony is very anxious to get back to training as he's afraid that if he doesn't practice, his martial arts skills will decline. The only thing he can practice now is his leg work. Tony said that he was prepared for injuries when he signed on for a martial arts film. He knows that the actual filming process will be even tougher. Getting injured now at least gives him preparation for what's to come. Has he notified Carina, who's currently filming in Hengdian? He replies, "It was too sudden. I went to the hospital right away and didn't have a chance to notify her."


Amg, Tony! :'(


Andy sings praises of earthquake victims

Artiste 512 Fund Raising Campaign gatherer Andy Lau and committee members representatives Alan Tam and director Gordon Chan attended the Sichuan Earthquake 1st Annual Review Exhibition at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Ocean Terminal.

Andy thanked the support from everybody and expressed that the $34,984,458 collected had been used to rebuilt the affected areas. the remaining $9.6 million will be donated to the Salvation Army, World Vision Organization and Caring For Children Foundation to continue the re-building process. Andy, Alan and Gordon passed the cheques to the respective organizations.

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Zhang Ziyi promotes "Revenge", cancels wedding

Zhang Ziyi's character in 'Sophie's Revenge' might be one to fight to win back her ex, but the actress said she would not do so in real life.

"Sophie is stubborn in love, it is a far cry from me," Zhang said in a recent interview with ifeng.com. "If I were dumped by my boyfriend, I would not fight him back in her way, I won't do that."
Zhang co-stars with Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin and Yao Chen in this stellar romantic comedy, featuring female characters each with their own style of pursuing love.
While Zhang has a different view of love than Sophie, she said she can appreciate independent women.
The film's Chinese name is "Fei Chang Wan Mei," literally "Really Perfect." So what is a perfect woman in Zhang Ziyi's opinion?
The actress said she thought a perfect woman would not let a man lead her by the nose. The women she likes and respects are all those who stand on their own and have their own outlook on family, the world and their values.

Despite her often luxurious image as an actress in the spotlight, the actress revealed she is actually more inclined to live an ordinary life behind the scenes. And she repeatedly talked about her dreams of starting a family in numerous interviews on TV and in print.

In her latest interview with fashion magazine ELLE, which she graces the cover of next month, Zhang again opened up about her desire for a family life but admitted to a fear of marriage.

However, it seems her dream of starting a family may be slipping away as her wedding plan is once again up in the air.
Tabloids reported that her August wedding to Israeli billionaire Vivi Nevo has been postponed due to their busy schedules. Friends reportedly first leaked this news to the New York Post's gossip column last Sunday.
The two got engaged last February and were said to have been planning to get married in 2009 in a fancy wedding on a beautiful island off the Italian coast.
The abrupt cancellation of next month's wedding also triggered wide speculation on the health of the couple's seemingly stable relationship.

Zhang is currently in China promoting her movie "Sophie's Revenge," which premieres on August 14th.



A-Mei Promotes New Album in Beijing

Mando-pop diva A-Mei Zhang Huimei hold the Beijing promo for her new album 'A-Mit' on Thursday. At the press conference, the singer reiterated the breakthrough in her new album titled after her original ethnic name 'A-Mit'. As a departure from her signature ballad style, the new LP will deliver more of an aggressive band-sound and reflect on A-Mei's individuality. [ent.sina.com.cn]

Next for John Woo: US$100-million WWII epic

John Woo returned to form with his Chinese blockbusters Red Cliff 1 and 2. For his next project, he is again going to the well of historical war epics for ideas. The world-renowned director is making a film about the American Volunteer Group and their exploits in China during the Second World War. What's most exciting is that Woo has managed to one-up himself in terms of budget, as this China-US co-production is budgeted at US$100 million, beating Woo's own Red Cliff movies to be the most expensive Chinese film ever. The American Volunteer Group, which used a "flying tiger" as its insignia, was formed by Claire Lee Chennault in 1941 to assist the Chinese in fighting back the Imperial Japanese forces. In four years, the American pilots made great contributions by shooting down hundreds of enemy aircrafts. Written by Lan Xiaolong (one of the screenwriters of Red Cliff), the story portrays the heroism of the American Volunteer Group and the friendship between the two countries.

According to Woo, the film is already in its final stage of pre-production, and is set to begin shooting in Yunnan Province in December with the participation of famous Hollywood and Chinese actors. Furthermore, he promises that the film will feature the most spectacular battle scenes in the history of Chinese Cinema.


Idk, I don't really like his stuff, but i wonder who will be in it, nevertheless...


Eason Chan is silly, also, the sky is blue

Eason Chan was promoting his new album "Sell Well" in Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Huzhou the other day. During his promotion activity, he was sharing his music with the audience, from talking about the production of "salon" to taking pictures of other people, but don't like his own pictures being taken. He even took out his camera to take some pictures of the band. Eason also spoke about fashion, football, "Allegro, Opus 3.3am" MV and movie as well as imitating the way Jackie Cheung's singing and acting styles, making the audience laugh. The next day, Eason went to Hangzhou book center to promote "Sell well" and autograph session. Fans turned up early in the morning even the temperature was as high as 38 degree. Although there were a lot of people, Eason has maintained his cool, playful and funny facial expression, making the reporters and those fans who had to line up for a long time for his autograph feel that it was all worth it.


Lee Hyori takes on China with Wilbur Pan

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And all I can say is Wilbur Pan (or Pan Shuai, as he’s known in Taiwan) is one lucky lad. After working with Lee Da Hae, he gets to take Miss Lee Hyori on the arm as she goes head-on with the lucrative Chinese market.

From that unforgettable melee in Shanghai back in May, where Hyori came out in tears, her management’s eureka bulbs came on. This opportunity in China links up the diva with a car company, and singer-actor Will Pan’s been brought in as collaboration on the upcoming campaign song and MV. As of July 14th, the newly minted automobile spokeswoman has reportedly welcomed Pan in S.Korea for recordings of the songs, which will offer both Chinese and Korean versions.

Are the Chinese going to be raving mad a second time around when Hyori descends on China? We’ll have to wait it out till August to see.

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Yay. I love them both, so this should be good.