July 13th, 2009

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New mom Kelly Chen to return to work next month!

New mom Kelly Chen to return to work next month

HONG KONG: Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen may have just given birth to her son but the hardworking star is already planning on returning to work next month.

According to Apple Daily, Chen, 36, is heading to Taiwan to record an album as well as for a photo shoot end August. She also plans to perform in China in September.

Seems like Chen's son, Chace Lau Sing, has inherited mommy's impatient streak. The little one came into this world earlier than expected on July 10. Chen was due to deliver early August.

Chace shares the same birthday as Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung and the proud parents hope he will be as talented and successful as the 'Heavenly King'.

Source: AsianFanatics, ChannelNewsAsia

Stephen Chan jokes that Joey Yung has done cosmetic surgery

Yesterday Joey Yung attended the "Ten Lane" press conference along with other guests Sammy Leung and TVB General Manager Stephen Chan. During the event, the Host asked Joey which kind of Ads is she most afraid to shoot? Joey expressed that some Ads she didn't accept any kind of pay, she only does it solely because of friendship. Like the recent McDonald Ad was done on free will, no pay was accepted. As her first advertisement shoot happened when she was 19 or 20 years old, Sammy teased her saying that she had "no" boundaries. But, Joey revealed that before when she was shooting for a skincare ad, because she was wearing a shirt with a collar, she was asked to pull the collar down. On camera, her neck and face skin color were different, therefore there were suspicions that she had done cosmetic surgery before. In the end, she was still able to finish shooting the ad. Stephen then joked: "Because you've done it before." Joey only laughed foolishly and did not know how to respond.

Later on during the event, Joey and Stephen disguised themselves and pretended to be in the handbag advertisement. Stephen had his bag near his chest area and Sammy joked that he looks like he's wearing a bra. Joey immediately laughed: "He's trying to be like Madonna, but he's like a "single" version!" Although Joey had shot many different ads before, but she said that she still has 'in front of camera' phobia, if the camera were to get too close, she would get very nervous. Asked what kind of ads does she want to film then? Joey used Louis Koo's "lun tai" (tires) to joke with: "I want to do a 'want energy saving, then tires can!' ad. I want to steal Louis's 'rice bowl' (the job)."


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Jolin Tsai & Will Pan: Dirty Dancing

Will Pan held a concert last night at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. Jolin Tsai appeared as a special guest, who only danced with him, and did not sing, but fans were already very excited to see the diva. After six years, Will Pan finally held another concert in Taiwan, celebrating the excellent sales results for his new album, <007>. On the LED screen, racing lights showed the numbers, "007", then the screen split in half, and Will Pan immediately came on stage singing, , while fans roared in excitment.

Sexy dancing created climax of concert

Jolin entered the stage sitting in a white retro convertible sports car, and the fans screamed from her alluring appearance. Will Pan welcomed the beauty on stage and sang the new song, . Jolin turned into a dancer and danced with him. After their sexy dance, Jolin sat on Will Pan's lap and they were lowered off stage together, which was also the climax of the concert.

Will Pan sang together with Jeremy Ji. When Will Pan was singing , Ah Ken posed as Akon and came on stage to sing with him, and fans laughed. Both Will Pan's father and mother were at the concert cheering their son on.


Ahahah, spicy!


Wang Lee Hom faces sexual orientation rumors (again)

Musical talent, Wang Lee Hom, attended the Coca-Cola Open Happiness summer campaign's beach party held in Shanghai yesterday. He also performed the new campaign theme song, 'Open Happiness'. Lee Hom was very kind and gentle when he answering the reporter's interviews. Facing (yet again) the rumours of an American "boyfriend" (stupid rumours!!!), he was very calm. He suggested everyone to learn from Michael Jackson's music, to understand and accept different lifestyles.


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Chow quits Kato role in 'The Green Hornet'

BEIJING – Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow has quit his planned role as Kato in the Hollywood film "The Green Hornet," the movie version of the 1960s TV series that starred Bruce Lee, a newspaper reported Monday.
Chow was originally slated to direct the film and star alongside Seth Rogen, but dropped out as director in December so he could develop a superhero movie with Jack Black.
The "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle" star has decided not to act in the movie either, Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News reported Monday.
Sam Ngai, a spokesman for Chow's production company Star Overseas, declined comment and a Columbia Pictures spokesman didn't immediately respond to a reporter's e-mail.
Columbia Pictures said in February it was in talks with "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" French director Michel Gondry to replace Chow as director.
The original "Green Hornet" series, which debuted on radio in 1936, is about a newspaper publisher who moonlights as a masked crime-fighter along with his martial arts-expert sidekick.

In 1966, it was turned into an ABC television series starring Van Williams as the title character and Bruce Lee as Kato. It ran for one season.


Oh what? That's so lame! I would have gone to see it just for him. :'(

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Alex Fong plans to freeload off his parents.

Alex Fong after marriage will live with parents

Alex Fong exposes that his parents often complains that he doesn't go home often and said that his parents are worried that after he gets married he won't come home even more. Alex said: "But I will tell them, when I get married, I will definitely live with them. To me, family is very important to me!" Asked if he would be worried that there will be conflicts with his mom and future wife? He said: "My parents are very open. Whatever I like, they will like too!"

Source: AsianFanatics

Also~ Just want to point out that Alex Fong has a Twitter, and you can follow him here: http://twitter.com/AlexFongliksun
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Ariel's album breaks 20,000 sales after only two days!

Ariel's album breaks 20,000 sales after only two days!

Golden Bell queen of acting Ariel Lin has turned her focus to music and released her debut solo album on July 10. Since preorders began, Ariel has been holding a series of promotional activities, done photoshoots, made appearances on shows and experienced what it's like to be a singer by being involved in packaging, marketing and other processes! Even though being a singer is much more blissful compared to being an actress, each time she meets fans and holds autograph sessions is like a new test for her because the songs must be performed to perfection in order to deliver a beautiful report card! Furthermore, the very popular Ariel Lin's debut solo album has had successful sales. The album has only been released for two days and already, she has broken the 20,000 sales mark. To celebrate this success, her record company arranged a smashing ice ceremony, hoping that the results will just get better and better!

At her autograph session, good friend Janet came to give Ariel a bicycle to show her support! Janet and Ariel met because Ariel loves going to class! Previously, Ariel attended classes at Xue Xue Institute and listened to Janet's lecture. From then on, she fell in love with Janet's attitude towards life - her vivacious nature and enthusiasm towards life, therefore she took the initiative to exchange phone numbers with Janet and they became really good friends. They'll often phone each other to share experiences overseas and in life. Furthermore, Janet said she gave Ariel a bicycle because she wants them to go riding at night in Taipei's Riverside Park! Janet said that she knows that Ariel had to work very hard while filming and now that she's released an album, it seems like she still doesn't have much "me time" so she gave her a bicycle so they can invite each other to ride around the riverside park at night, enjoy the wind and chat!

Source: AsianFanatics
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Leila Tong isn't worried about the swine flu

Leila Tong isn't worried about the swine flu

Because of her job, Leila often travels between Mainland China and Hong Kong, but she is not worried about swine flu because apart from taking large amounts of antiseptic wipes with her, mainland China’s prevention measures are also done well: “Every time I fly to mainland China, once we arrive the staff will measure every passenger’s temperature to ensure no one has a fever before letting me go. There’s no need to worry if their prevention measures are done so well! I also think that both Hong Kong and mainland China people have high hygiene awareness, everyone who goes on the plane wears a mask, so I feel very safe”

Lately, she has continuously been in China to be a model for a cosmetic brand and in regards to the government proposal that artists be responsible for the products they are spokesperson for, she laughs that it is inevitable and she is extra careful when accepting jobs: “In truth, before I accept an advertising job, I will always check if there are side effects of the product. I think that as a public figure, I must be careful when accepting jobs.”

Even though she has decreased in rank and pay from spokesperson to model, Leila’s income has not been affected: “There is no problem in being a model, because there is less pressure and less restriction being a model , so I have earned more money”

Source: AsianFanatics, TVB Chinese News

This girl srsly needs more acting jobs. She's much more talented than other HK actresses, ugh. Aiya!, go check out A Very Short Life, which she stars in.

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Daniel Wu wanted to become the first Chinese American USA President

Daniel Wu wanted to become the first Chinese American USA President

When I was about 5 years old, I wanted to be the first Chinese American President of The United States. I very quickly grew out of that idea and I'm glad I did. On my recent trip to New York we decided to take an excursion to Washington D.C. as I haven't been since I was 7. Through Lisa's father's relationship with the Secret Service we were taken on a special tour of The White House. Unlike regular tours we got to go into most of the State rooms as well as go into places that most people don't get to see.

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Source: Alive Not Dead

Best part of this blog?

Yes, that's the toilet and yes, I peed there. Really couldn't miss the opportunity although it would have been more poignant during the Bush administration.

Love Daniel ♥ He's awesome, rofl.