July 11th, 2009




By sort of popular demand, here it is, the Chinese version of ONTD. I don't really have much to say, as me and my partner are going to kind of wing it right now, and see what needs fixing or modifying, if anything. Read the RULES, of course. They're more of guidelines really. I'm optimistic that the Chinese fandom is not nearly as weird and wanky as the Japanese and (apparently) Korean ones.

The only hard and fast rule is to keep the posts about media and pop culture, NO politics or general everyday Chinese news, unless it involves celebrities. What's this about the Mayday guy and the stolen cars?  You can post recent news (within five days or so), charts (movies or music), stuff about upcoming releases (again, music or movies or dramas), rumors, celebrity gossip, whatever you think is newsworthy and ~interesting~.

Otherwise, yeah, posts are moderated, as is joining, just as a precaution. But no worries, I'm here a lot, most days, so there shouldn't be too much delay for approvals. Posts are public, commenting requires membership. Also, we may need a couple more moderators in the future, so hey, if you're joining and reading this, feel free to leave a comment expressing your interest in doing so. What we would require is obviously approving posts, but also making posts on a semi-regular basis. So if you think you can do that, say so!

That's it. Start posting! :)

Some Sources:

Asia E News
Andy Lau Sounds
Batgwa (it's kinda gossipy stuff)
China Online
Popular Asians
Asian Music World

Also, if anyone has any others to contribute or that I'm just not thinking of, feel free to suggest them.


Top 10 Mandarin Albums (July 3 – July 9)

1. A-Mei Chang (張惠妹) and 'Amei-Music Is Transformed' (阿密特) with 18.94% sales
2. Zhou Bi Chang (周筆暢) and ‘Time’ (時間) with 15.42% sales (NEW!)
3. New Artist Family (新藝人家族) and ‘Confidence Map’ with 13.71% sales (NEW!)
4. Jerry Yan (言承旭) and ‘Freedom’ (多出來的自由:秘密自遊) with 4.34% sales
5. Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) and ‘007’ (零零七) with 4.05% sales
6. Zhou Hui (周蕙) and ‘Self-titled New Album’ (同名全新專輯) with 3.67% sales
7. Victor Wong (品冠) and ‘All For Love’ (一切為了愛) with 3.63% sales
8. Gary Cao (曹格) and ‘Supermarket’ (Supermarket超級4th場) with 2.82% sales
9. Xiao Yu (小宇) and ‘Just Standing Here’ (就站在這裡) with 2.55%sales
10. Nicholas Teo (張棟樑) and ‘The Moment Of Silence’ (沉默的瞬間) with 1.93% sales

I don't know about y'all, but I've only heard the A-Mei album and Wilber Pan, lol. I'm happy to see both are relatively high though, because both albums were awesome.



Andy on the set of Di Renjie

After welcoming “Empress Wu Zhetian” Carina Lau, director Tsui Hark had started to shoot the day scenes for the movie Detective Dee. Reporters rushed to the shooting venue in Hengdian, the crew was shooting the scene of Shang-guan Er (Li Bingbing) bringing out Di Ren Jie (Andy Lau) whom was just released from prison at Qin Emperor Palace. With his hair covering his face, moustache not shaven, he was in a dirty and unkempt state. “This is the image of Di Ren Jie just released from prison” Andy introduces: “Too hot …..”

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I think this looks awesome. But then, I'll watch nearly anything with Andy Lau in it. XD Well, and I'm a sucker for wuxia.

Just trying to get the ball rolling, you guys. :D


Nicholas Tse denies wife is pregnant

Recently there have been rumours circulating from the Hong Kong media that Cecilia Cheung is pregnant again, and that she is already 3 months in, but yesterday night before going back to Hong Kong Nicholas Tse, who has just got a holiday from filming "Bodyguards and Assassins", gave an interview in Shanghai and denied Cecilia Cheung was pregnant again. He said: "For my wife to be pregnant, how could I not know!" When asked if Cecilia Cheung was making a comeback, Nicholas Tse only shook his head and didn't reply. There have been rumours from the Hong Kong media that Nicholas Tse doesn't hope for Cecilia Cheung to return to the industry but instead hopes for her to stay at home, since getting married he's taken on the financial burden all on his own. The Hong Kong media reveals, each month Nicholas Tse gives Cecilia Cheung as much as 2 million yuan for family expenses, Nicholas Tse has great pressure on having to earn money.

This rumor came out a few days ago, and was previously denied by both their agents, and then it was suggested by a couple publications that they were denying it out of superstition. But there you are, one of them finally denied it. So believe what you want. :)


I just had to post this because I find this quote hilarious: "For my wife to be pregnant, how could I not know!"

Indeed, lol.

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

You may see Ariel on Korean TV very soon...

Ariel Lin plans to break into the Korean market
Her Korean major ensures there will be no language barrier

Ariel Lin, female lead of idol dramas such as and that propelled her to fame in Taiwan and Korea alike, will be making a visit to Korea soon, for preparations to kickstart her career there.

According to one industry observer, Ariel is planning to enter the drama scene in Korea very soon. The most crucial language barrier that has plagued other foreign idols will not be a problem to her, since Ariel’s major in university was Korean.

Also, Ariel has always expressed interest in the Korean entertainment industry, and has even specially put in a Korean song in her recently released album, . If all goes well, Korean viewers will be able to see Ariel on their TV screens very soon.

Both and had high ratings when broadcast in Korea, and this has amassed a relatively large fanbase for Ariel. She even had a fanmeet last year in Korea, together with Joe Cheng, and this has only served to propel her popularity higher in Korea.

Source: korea.sohu
Translated by: hazel @ asianfanatics.net