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Masked Singer ep 4+5 - Who is Ms. Twinkle Diamond?

Singing Beyond- Cold Rainy Night

first appeared on ep 4 vs. " Aiya where did you come from on the 9" singing I Miss You (sodagreen)

[Aiya where did you come from on the 9 solo]

He sang An's What brings me to you

[Aiya where did you come from 9 is?????]

Singing Too Foolish (Eric Moo)
He was also revealed in the same episode 5 to be Jin Zhiwen who ?( from Voice Of China)

[vs. I'm not a moth]on ep 5 vs. "I'm not a moth" singing JJ Lin "she said"

identity of I'm not a moth still~ unknown~

[Jay Chou's Stranded]Jay Chou's Stranded solo

[okay but who is she?]
Rainie Yang! ( think ppl already guessed it was her)

basically the show is a bit difficult they have a panel of judges and A.I. if they guess correctly the singer will be revealed. I think the masks are a major improvement from the previous season-I mean, it's totally different channel, but the show's too long for me and I only watched some of the singing clips from their channel.

Source: Mask Singer Guess Guess! YT official channel
compiling this was so stressful, i was thinking of maybe including a list of who the previous singers but my chinese sucks so check this out if you're curious wiki (I hope this is okay)
Tags: !guesswho, china, group: sodagreen, music/musician: pop, singer: jay chou, singer: jj lin
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