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2015 Golden Melody nominees announced

It's that time of year again! How did you favorites do?

Song of the year
Lala Hsu- ‘Missing Person’ – Missing Person
Jacky Cheung- ‘The Rest of Tome’-Wake up Dreaming
A-Mei, Soft Lipa- ‘Faces of Paranoia’- Faces of Paranoia
Fire EX.- ‘Island’s Sunrise’- Island’s Sunrise
Jolin Tsai- ‘Play- Play
Mandarin Album of the year
Lala Hsu- Missing Person
Jacky Cheung- Wake Up Dreaming
Eason Chan- Rice and Shine
Jay Chou- Hey, Not Bad
Zhang Ya Man- Polaris
Ricky Hsiao- The Most Beautiful Flower

Best MV
Waa wei- Nebulous
Miss Ko feat Amber An- Selfie
Jolin Tsai- Play
Jolin Tsai- We’re all different, yet the same
Congcong 匆匆- Congcong 匆匆 <~ I have no idea who this is

Best Composer
Huang Chien Wei- ‘Missing Person’- Missing Person (Lala Hsu)
Li Rong Hao- ‘King of Comedy’- Li Rong Hao (Li Rong Hao)
JJ Lin- ‘Listen to Me’- Rice & Shine (Eason Chan)
Chang Shilei- ‘Departures- Departures (Karen Mok)
Weibird Wei- ‘Wolves’- Journey Into The Night (Weibird Wei)

Best Lyricist
Hush- ‘Missing Person’- Missing Person (Lala Hsu)
Wyman Wong- ‘King Of Comedy’- Li Ronghao (Li Ronghao)
Albert Leung- ‘Listen to Me’- Rice & Shine (Eason Chan)
Francis Lee- ‘Departures’ - Departures (Karen Mok)
Albert Leung- ‘It’s All Good’- Departures (Karen Mok)

Best Arrangment
Chen Chien Chi- ‘Missing Person’- Missing Person (Lala Hsu)
Lawrence Ku- ‘Touching Hearts’- To The Top (Shunza)
Pessi Levanto- ‘This Precious Night’- Midnight Cinema (Joanna Wang)
Buddah Jump- ‘Let You See’- Let You See (Buddah Jump)
Chen Xing Han, NESE- ‘Play’- Play (Jolin Tsai)

Best Album Producer
Ayugo Huang-山歌一条路 (Ayugo Huang)
Joanna Wang, Pessi Levanto- Midnight Cinema (Joanna Wang)
Chen Chien Chi- Waa Wei’s album
Jay Chou- Hey, Not Bad (Jay Chou)
Arai Sochiro- Departures (Karen Mok)

Best Single Producer
JJ Lin ‘Listen to Me’- Rice & Shine (Eason Chan)
Stephanie Sun- ‘Kepler’- Kepler (Stephanie Sun)
Xiao An- ‘Grown Love’- Grown Love(Eve Ai)
Xiao An- ‘Lip Reading’- Play (Jolin Tsai)
Chen Xinghan- ‘Play’- Play (Jolin Tsai)

Best Male
Jacky Cheung- Wake Up Dreaming
Eason Chan- Rice & Shine
Khalil Fong- Dangerous World
Weibird Wei- 有所谓
Roger Yang- Beast in the Dark

Best Female
Lala Hsu- Missing Person
Waa Wei- You Lovely Bastard
A-Mei- Faces of Paranoia
Karen Mok- Departures
A-lin- Guilty

Best Band
Chthonic- Timeless Sentence
TRASH- Start from Zero
Chairman- One World
Buddah Jump- Let You See
Magic Powe- Fighting For Love

Best Group
New Taiwan Recreation
MJ116- Fresh Game
PiA- Life Isn’t Like That
Gentleman- Imperfect Gentlemen

Best New Artist
Adrian Fu- Good Morning, Hard City
Shi Shi- Girls
Chen Hui-Ting- 21 grams
Hui Chu-Wang- A Voyage of Vera

Best Album Recording
Midnight Cinema (Joana Wang)
Dangerous World (Khalil Fong)
Hey, Not Bad (Jay Chou)
Polynesia <~?
Play (Jolin Tsai)

original source: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Golden-Award/M.1431935914.A.FDC.html
Let me know if there are any mistakes. I can also do some of the Taiwanese/Hokkien/instrumental stuff if anybody is interested.
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