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Wu Chun Admits to Conflict Between Fahrenheit Members

Recently, Wu Chun confirmed rumors of conflict between the four previous Fahrenheit members. However, he emphasized that although they may not be friends, they were still good colleagues.

Fahrenheit debuted in 2005 and was so popular that some considered them as the successor to F4. Nevertheless, rumors that the four members did not get along followed them throughout their career.

Last week, Aaron Yan sparked the ire of Fahrenheit fans when he revealed that he keeps in contact only with Wu Chun and is "no longer friends" with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen. Jiro later uploaded an angry photo to the Internet, seemingly in response to Aaron's statement.

In a recent interview, Wu Chun confirmed that because the four members' personalities were so different, it was hard to avoid conflict. Moreover, because they were so busy, they rarely had time to resolve conflicts properly, so some of them may still have small grievances that they have yet to let go of.

Wu Chun also stated that the media exaggerated the reports about Aaron no longer being friends with Jiro and Calvin. "It's like Aaron said -- we may not be good friends, but we're still colleagues," he explained. To Wu Chun, while it would be nice for a company's employees to all be best of friends, such an ideal cannot be forced.

Wu Chun also shared that he is still in contact with the other three Fahrenheit members and that he had even invited Calvin to be the host for his upcoming birthday party.

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