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How Vicki Zhao Reunited Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse


Today, Oriental Daily News said Wong's close friend, actress Vicki Zhao, was instrumental in getting the couple back together, 11 years after they broke up and went on to marry and divorce other people.

In March, when Zhao was a guest on Tse's travel and food programme, Chef Nic, she teased him and said he must have charmed many women with his cooking. He said: "I've never had a lock on anyone, there's no one with me."

But she dropped him a hint that Wong had never got over him, saying: "Someone isn't with you, but you have a lock on her heart."

Wong and Tse had long lost contact with each other, but Zhao helped them reconnect, the newspaper said, citing unnamed sources. They began meeting regularly, and Tse, who has a post-production studio in Beijing, soon had more reasons to fly there frequently.

He did not deny the relationship when Apple Daily called him yesterday. He said: "I'm on a plane now, I won't respond, thank you."

His agent Mani Fok confirmed the romance, saying: "Of course it's a good thing."

When Li and Wong divorced last year, he said they did not want the same things. "What I want is a family, but you're destined to be a legend," he wrote on Weibo. He said he had to let her go, adding: "I hope you are happy now, my high school girl."

Meanwhile, Tse has matured, transforming from a car-crashing brat into an award-winning actor with a thriving post-production business.

He did not look worthy of Wong a decade ago, but now, with a company that earns hundreds of millions every year, he "might have a higher net worth" than her and is no longer seen as riding on her coat-tails, Apple Daily said.

Most of all, she has been happier since her reunion with him, friends said.

The report quoted an insider as saying: "When Faye found out that Nicholas was with Cecilia, she was so heartbroken. She shut herself in her house for a week and refused to see anyone. She was many times sadder than when she divorced Li Yapeng. They're together again, after having gone round in circles, and they both know they are the most right for each other, so they both treasure it."

source: straitstimes
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