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Kai Ko says sorry


BEIJING: Actor Kai Ko issued a tearful apology while in police custody after he and action star Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan was arrested on Aug 14 for drug offences, reported Chinese media.

"I am filled with regret and I am very sorry. To all those who supported me, loved me and even those who know me, I just want to say I'm really sorry. I've made a big mistake and set the worst example," said Ko.

"I mad a mistake and I'm very worried but I'm sure my family and friends are even more worried. I want to apologise for disappointing them and affecting them negatively. To all the youths I've misled, I want to let them know this [what he did] is wrong and I'm sorry."

The actor, who shot to fame after appearing in the 2011 hit Taiwan film You Are the Apple of My Eye, added that "I've learnt my lesson and will try to become a better person from now on" and promised not to touch drugs again.

According to Beijing police, Ko and Jaycee Chan were arrested after they received a tip-off from the public. They both admitted to taking drugs and tested positive for drug use.

Ko's arrest had drawn an immense amount of media attention as he is not only a popular actor, but had also recorded an anti-drug public service message about two years ago.

He is the latest in a string of celebrities who have been arrested in China for drug-related offences.

Chinese actor Gao Hu was arrested on Aug 4 for smoking marijuana. Chinese writer-director Chen Wanning was arrested on June 24 for possessing and consuming crystal meth. Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung was also nabbed on July 2 for consuming drugs.

In response to the recent spate of drug-related arrests, a total of 42 entertainment companies in China on Aug 13 pledged that they will not work with artistes who use drugs, in a bid to "clean up the entertainment industry".

source: channelnewsasia
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