kairoso (kairoso) wrote in aiyatheydidnt,

Mark Chao, Gao Yuanyuan are officially married


Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan and Taiwanese actor Mark Chao allegedly finished their marriage registration in Beijing, China, 5 June 2014, and officially became a married couple. Gao and Chao were said to arrive at the marriage registration office in a low profile and finished all paper work by using VIP approach. Gao`s manager confirmed the good news but gave no comment on Gao`s pregnancy yet. After recent non-stop rumors about their suspect wedding photos and Gao`s pregnancy, the pair seemed to make their marriage news finally fatal. Chao and Gao started their romance during the shooting of director Chen Kaige`s movie "Caught in the Web". The pair was drunk in love regardless of their 5-year age gap that Gao was senior, and the long-distance relationship between Beijing and Taipei.
Tags: actor: mark zhao, wedding
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