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Joanna Wang- Moon River MV teaser

Joanna Wang


Yesasia description:
For a musician, the best way to pay tribute to the cinema is to sing about it, and that's exactly what Joanna Wang did with Midnight Cinema. Covering 13 famous theme songs from different decades, the album brings listeners on a journey back to the times when people were crazy about Moon River, "Love in the Old Times" and "Take Care Tonight."

01. Alice in Wonderland
02. 被遺忘的時光
03. 追夢人
04. 玫瑰香
05. 夜上海
06. Moon River
07. Pure Imagination
08. 當年情
09. 花樣年華
10. What is a Youth
11. You Only Live Twice
12. 今宵多珍重
13. If I Had Words

The album comes out 3/27. You can listen to three of the songs now on xiami.

It's no Galaxy Crisis, but I'll take it.
Tags: music: new release, singer: joanna wang, taiwan
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