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Lala Hsu releases concert version MV for 失落沙洲, reminds us that she is perfect


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Five years have passed since Lala Hsu won the top prize in the talent show One Million Star. To mark her fifth anniversary in the music world and the release of her Ideal Life album, Lala embarked on a short concert tour covering Hong Kong, Beijing, Taichung and Taipei. The Taipei show – held at the Taipei International Conference Center – has now been recorded for its live album release. In addition to Lala's own hits, the talented vocalist also covered hit songs by stars like Stephanie Sun, Faith Yang, Cheer Chen, Karen Mok and Mavis Fan.

CD 1
01. Opening+極限
02. 圓舞曲
03. 失落沙洲
04. 哼情歌
05. 你敢不敢
06. 調色盤
07. 旅行的意義
08. 喜歡你
09. 翻滾吧我的寶貝
10. 不怕慶祝
11. 懼高症
12. 一樣的月光
13. 迪斯可

CD 2
01. 女爵
02. 管他什麼音樂
03. 奔
04. 消滅
05. 不要亂說
06. 辣椒
07. 綠洲
08. 想自由
09. 夜盲症
10. 不難
11. 出口
12. 香水
13. 拉拉隊
14. 身騎白馬
15. 理想人生

Album comes out 4/23.
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