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Joanna Wang releases You and Me MV, new album scheduled for March 22

Album info from yesasia:

Singer-songwriter Joanna Wang takes listeners into a colorful and defiant world of cartoon-inspired creations in her latest English-language album GALAXY CRISIS: The Strangest Midnight Broadcast. Citing the sounds, fantasy and irreverence of nineties cartoons like The Powerpuff Girls as inspiration, Joanna presents 16 buoyant new tracks in her third self-composed and penned album. The songs are characterized by light melodies, mischievous lyrics and retro arrangements influenced by sixties synth, eighties Casiotone and nineties video games.

01. Galaxy Prologue 銀河序曲
02. Coins /銅板

03. Pressure's on Me (Space Saloon Theme) / 壓力都在我身上(外太空西部Saloon主題曲)
04. The Antagonist / 反派
05. Evil Nerd Theme / 邪惡書呆子主題曲
06. Picnicktown / 野餐小鎮
07. Remote Control / 搖控器
08. Meteor One (Inside the Mind of a Wrestling Fanatic) 隕石一號(摔角迷的腦海世界)
09. Enlightenment / 覺醒
10. Frolicktown / 跳躍小鎮
11. You and Me / 你和我
12. The Rabbit Chase/Garden Party on Mars 火星上的下午茶
13. An Audience with the King / 參見國王
14. Galaxy Crisis / 銀河的危機
15. Chitterchat (TV Theme) / 聊八卦(電視主題曲)
16. The Chicken Circus (Crash Detour into the Chip Galaxy) / 公雞馬戲團(銀河版)

Source: Joanna Wang,yesasia

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