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10th-Sep-2017 12:17 pm - [sticky post] (new sticky!) intro/junk thread
Point of post?

To introduce yourself/make friends

Chat about whatever (C-Ent related or not)

Suggest post topics

Recommend music, movies, dramas

Anything else?

General old FFA rules apply, no fighting, no NSFW content, be smart about media spam, etc.

LJ posts can hold hella comments so if it ever fills up I'll make a new one.


More here & here
30th-May-2018 01:58 pm - Hot-Blood Dance Crew coming to Viki
Lu Han, William Chan, Jackson Wang of GOT7 and Victoria Song of f(x) team up to host this exciting new reality dance competition to find the best new dancers in China!

Here's the page for it.

Here's the dance battle from episode 1:

30th-May-2018 12:30 pm - (late) Lu Han's 2nd album

Lu Han concludes his digital single project with his second album XXVII. Since October 2016, the singer-actor has released five digital albums – Xperience, Xplore, Venture, Imagination and I – which passed ten million sales in total. Collecting all the songs from the album series, XXVII shows the 27-year-old's journey of self-discovery. American producer Santell and French songwriting duo Picard Brothers blended trendsetting genres – including trap, alternative R&B, future bass and electronic music – to create a stylish sound unique to Lu Han.

01. 某時某刻 Catch Me When I Fall
02. 微白城市 Winter Song
03. Skin To Skin
04. 敢 Roleplay
05. 如果 What If I Said
06. 時差 On Call
07. 夜行記 Say It
08. 觸發 Set It Off
09. 零界點 On Fire (feat. AR)
10. 心率 Like A Dream

Basically it's all his singles collected in one album.  I think it's a lot stronger than his first stuff though lol.


Karen Mok celebrates her 25th anniversary with the album Half Time. The diva expresses her gratitude to fans and musicians that she has worked with through 11 songs created by JJ Lin, Li Ronghao, Hua Chenyu, Daryl Yao, Francis Lee, Khalil Fong, Matzka, EXO's Lay, Chow Yiu Fai, Wyman Wong and Terry Chan. Produced by Arai Soichiro, the commemorative release includes the main songs "Heartfelt," "Growing Fond of You" and "Half a Lifelong Romance: Here Is Where We Meet."

180528 Singer Karen Mok new album press con Yixing mention:

☆ The song YX arranged for her, 不待续 (lit trans Not To Be Continued) is a light, fast paced song w sleek & avant-garde melody
☆ she'll be playing the Chinese zither in the song
☆ hardest song to sing on her album

Karen also said Yixing is "a good kid who can both dance and sing", gave her the hardest song. It took her 3 whole days to sing/record but it was quite enjoyable and fun to work with a junior she really likes

Layshands, YA
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