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10th-Sep-2017 12:17 pm - [sticky post] (new sticky!) intro/junk thread
Point of post?

To introduce yourself/make friends

Chat about whatever (C-Ent related or not)

Suggest post topics

Recommend music, movies, dramas

Anything else?

General old FFA rules apply, no fighting, no NSFW content, be smart about media spam, etc.

LJ posts can hold hella comments so if it ever fills up I'll make a new one.


Owodog Zhuang marks his new start as a soloist with the album Transform! Now an artist under Yuehua Entertainment, the former Lollipop@F member creates a captivating EDM and hip-hop fusion through ten tracks produced by Starr Chen. The self-penned lead jam I'm the Best is composed by Justin Reinstein, who has collaborated with EXO, CNBLUE and Justin Bieber. The album is mastered by renowned sound engineer Joe LaPorta.

01. I’m the best
02. 自我介紹
03. Fire in the sky
04. My Girl
05. Young Sinatra
06. 等什麼
07. 玩轉
08. 夜行者
09. 霸佔
10. 星夜



Hong Kong singer Edmond Leung turning 46 on November 5th

Hong Kong actress and singer Myolie Wu turning 38 on November 6th

Chinese actor and singer Wu Yi Fan turning 27 on November 6th

Singapore actor Li Nanxing turning 53 on November 7th

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan turning 35 on November 8th

Singapore actor Tay Ping Hui turning 47 on November 10th

Taiwan singer and Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen turning 37 on November 10th

Taiwan singer Evan Yo turning 31 on November 12th

Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau turning 33 on November 12th

Also, check out the NEW STICKY THREAD, sort of an ongoing FFA if you will.
khalil 2
天生一對  is the theme song to the Vincent Kok movie 'Two Wrongs Make A Right' (I want to call it 'natural pair' but that makes it confusing since the movie and song have the same name? IDK), starring Fiona Sit and Vic Chou.

薛凱琪 Fiona Sit


Hong Kong actress Kelly Lin turning 42 on October 29th

Taiwan actress and singer Ariel Lin turning 35 on October 29th

Taiwan singer and SHE member Selina Jen turning 35 on October 31st

Taiwan singer and actor Nicky Wu turning 46 on October 31st

Taiwanese actor Jason Zou turning 37 on November 4th

Also, check out the NEW STICKY THREAD, sort of an ongoing FFA if you will.

Previously Chinese fans suspected Lu Han of ring shopping and now there's buzz on Chinese media that she's pregnant, which is of course being denied at the moment.


Scroll to the bottom and there's a couple of earlier ones as well from yesterday and such.

Ahah, I've seen this pattern before though.
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