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RIP Godfrey Gao (1984-2019)


Breaking: Zhejiang media is reporting that actor Godfrey Gao has passed away

He fainted and couldn't be revived after three minutes. What the heck.

Another confirmation


Full Report here: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3825576 It was a heart attack.

Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao are engaged!


Life comes at you fast: Aaron Yan is outed when caught in a scandal with three guys

I mean...we been knew, but the cheating is nagl. That's just as bad as Neely and Hu Yitian. =/


eta - tHERE'S more stuff at the source that it was the same guy in three pictures and he was just being a jackass so idk lol, if anyone has any info from Weibo or whatever feel free to add in the comments.

DramaFever is gone

I imagine everyone knows by now if they've gone to the site, but...

Totally fucking lame.  Especially that there was no warning. Stupid American media companies. D: Where do you guys watch most of your Chinese dramas?

ETA - AAAAAND I just found out that Amazon appears to have bought DramaFever's back catalog, they actually have a channel for about the same price per month as DF was charging. BOOP.