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10th-Sep-2017 12:17 pm - [sticky post] (new sticky!) intro/junk thread
Point of post?

To introduce yourself/make friends

Chat about whatever (C-Ent related or not)

Suggest post topics

Recommend music, movies, dramas

Anything else?

General old FFA rules apply, no fighting, no NSFW content, be smart about media spam, etc.

LJ posts can hold hella comments so if it ever fills up I'll make a new one.

Without much surprise, EXO was still untouchable at the top of our best-selling C-pop album and artist charts in 2017. Member Lay climbed to third place with his second solo effort Lay 02 Sheep, while his first album Lose Control held firm at seven. Former member Lu Han's 2015 solo debut album Reloaded, which ranked second on the 2016 chart, again broke into top ten albums.

Hong Kong diva Sammi Cheng came in fourth with her long-awaited Mandarin album Nude and seized the top spot on the concert bestsellers. Alan Tam and Eason Chan also ranked high with their Mandarin releases. While the album chart was occupied by Mandarin music, the DVD list was dominated by Cantopop singers including Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Tat Ming Pair, George Lam, Kelly Chen, Ivana Wong, Hins Cheung and Hacken Lee, who also had two records chart within the top ten albums for the first time. Again ranked among the highest-selling C-pop artists, legendary singers Teresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, Sandy Lam and Leslie Cheung continued to prove their unbeatable popularity.

The below rankings are based on Chinese music sales on YesAsia.com from January 1 to December 31, 2017.

4th-Jan-2018 12:34 pm - SpeXial's new album 'Buddy Buddy

↑ Spotify listening link ↑

Also, lead MV

1st-Jan-2018 08:08 pm - 😈🥥's Top 5 Albums of 2017
Ok aside from the fact that I'm finally listening to the Xiao Yu album and it's really super good, I obviously did not listen to it in 2017 lol.  But these are my top five that I DID listen to and were released in 2017.

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As far as I know, most of these are on Spotify, except for the Shi Shi album.
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