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10th-Sep-2017 12:17 pm - [sticky post] (new sticky!) intro/junk thread
Point of post?

To introduce yourself/make friends

Chat about whatever (C-Ent related or not)

Suggest post topics

Recommend music, movies, dramas

Anything else?

General old FFA rules apply, no fighting, no NSFW content, be smart about media spam, etc.

LJ posts can hold hella comments so if it ever fills up I'll make a new one.

snow kate
First I was boggled to see Kris Wu and his mullet on the online front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. Then I cackled through the news item.

Read more...Collapse )
I mean...we been knew, but the cheating is nagl. That's just as bad as Neely and Hu Yitian. =/


eta - tHERE'S more stuff at the source that it was the same guy in three pictures and he was just being a jackass so idk lol, if anyone has any info from Weibo or whatever feel free to add in the comments.
17th-Oct-2018 08:33 am - DramaFever is gone
I imagine everyone knows by now if they've gone to the site, but...

Totally fucking lame.  Especially that there was no warning. Stupid American media companies. D: Where do you guys watch most of your Chinese dramas?

ETA - AAAAAND I just found out that Amazon appears to have bought DramaFever's back catalog, they actually have a channel for about the same price per month as DF was charging. BOOP.
11th-Oct-2018 09:45 pm - We need another birthday post
金城武//Sexy specs
So I'll do it.

Picture is kinda big so behind the cut he goes!!

Here's a VERY recent picture of him. He is now 45, and sexy as everCollapse )


What's he been up to? Currently finished working on Sons of the Neon Night (expect a 2019 release) and.. AND..!! Finished working on the Onimusha: Warlords remaster. He's the only original voice actor to return to re-record the new dialogue. Expect a bigger screen resolution/ratio, 360 controls, a new soundtrack, EXTRA GOODIES. It will be released on: PC (Steam), XBOX One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

So guess where all my monies are going. :3

(Also, I dunno WHY they credit him NOW as guest creator when he has been since its inception. He wanted to work on the second one but it was already in development because CAPCOM and Inafune knew that Warlords would be a hit because of him.)
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