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Zhang Han admits to having a girlfriend; caught visiting Thailand with Zheng Shuang


Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang are cute as ever in their latest photos.

In response to a rather annoying rumor about a third wheeler between him and Zheng Shuang (who, you know, is not officially going out with him), actor  Zhang Han admitted in a recent press conference that he has a girlfriend, but does not plan on making the relationship public until marriage is confirmed.

So who could this “mysterious” girlfriend be? Surely not Zheng Shuang, who was caught last week vacationing on camera by fans while visiting Thailand with Zhang Han and his  friends (Zhang Han’s Central Drama shidi and co-star in “Waiting for the Blooming” Zhao Chuqiao amongst them). Despite having successfully avoided the media in catching any evidence of them being together, the two haven’t been so lucky with fanshots. Photos of what looked like Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han visiting the Museum of London surfaced from a fan on weibo while the SOP Queen cast was filming in London, and now it looks like they’re caught again, but with even clearer shots.

I’m debating between how soon I want Zheng Shuang to stay unmarried for her career (she better still has one and not follow Tang Yan’s plan of quitting for love)  versus how soon I want this news confirmed. Thoughts?

source: cfensi


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