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Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng star in new modern drama

Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng continues their love story in modern times.

Popular Palace/Gong couple Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng are timetravelling to modern Shanghai/Hangzhou to continue their love story with Symphony of Fate/命运交响曲, a new drama that begun filming on the 26th. The team for the Korean drama Hello! Miss will do the costume and makeup for the drama,  and the scenes will will be filmed in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Thailand.

In the Symphony of Fate, Yang Mi plays an aspiring fashion designer who is tricked into prison by her ambitious model sister. Feng Shaofeng plays two different love interests for Yang Mi. The first falls in love at first sight with Yang Mi’s character and pursues her. Yet once she finally reciprocate his love, he is killed. The second half of the story follows  Yang Mi’s character as she tries to start life again as a fashion designer. Between her sad past and success, she meets a seemingly cold character played by Feng Shaofeng. The two get off on the wrong start, but eventually fall in love after a few misunderstandings.

For workaholic Yang Mi, this is her third drama project this year already (the other ones being The Heaven of a Beauty and Beijing Love Story). So far this year, she has already accepted three other film roles (The Last Supper (王的盛宴), Gong film, and unannounced) and one other drama role (period drama 如意). She’s so busy that she had to turn down a magazine’s offer that includes a week of photoshoots/vacation in the Maldives.

source: cfensi

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