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27-year-old Hu Ge would like to act as Ariel Lin's father

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Chinese actor Hu Ge has the smash hit drama series Chinese Paladin (based on the popular RPG video game series The Legend of Sword and Fairy) to thank for his ascent to fame, and he knows it. In an overseas phone interview, he poignantly said, "Without Chinese Paladin, there will not be Hu Ge."

He shared that he was particularly happy and touched at the stellar ratings and praises showered on the second installment of the serial, Chinese Paladin 3. He was also the lead actor in the first show, Chinese Paladin.

The 27-year-old laughed when he recalled the difficulties he had in 2005 filming Chinese Paladin 1. Still a student back then, Hu Ge was under a lot of pressure and was often rebuked by the director. Unlike the past, he knows how to better exercise his capabilities to its full potential and communicates better with people now.

Given his strong background in period drama, the actor easily shared that Linghu Chong from Louis Cha's wuxia novel, Laughing In The Wind was his favourite martial arts figure. However, when asked if he was keen on acting as the character, he said, "It has been shot so many times. Will people be keen to watch it still?"

"A lot of things require a force of inertia. Because I have garnered some results from filming period dramas, people will continue to invite you to act in them. I definitely hope to get the chance to try out different fields."

Unlike his peers, Hu Ge has a different outlook on undertaking idol drama series. "If it is about only a handsome man falling in love with a pretty woman, singing songs and dancing, that would be pointless. If the story and characters in the show have some substance, I will accept the role."

The boyish actor confessed that he seldom watches idol drama series and has only seen a few acted by Taiwanese actress, Ariel Lin. "That is because I know her better" The pair have collaborated as onscreen lovers in Fairy From Wonderland and The Legend of The Condor Heroes.

Hu Ge jokingly commented on his future chances of acting in an idol drama series with the latter and said, "I would have to act as her father!"

Chinese Paladin 3 will air on mio TV's Ch310 starting Nov 15.

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