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Weibo Valentine's: Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Li Chen, Zhang Xinyu

Picture 9

Couples show-off their love on weibo

Weibo continues to be the preferred method of announcing relationships in China, especially on Qixi, which celebrates the reunion of famous mythological couple NiuLang and ZhiNv.

Although never really admitting it, actor Zhang Han's not to shy about his love for his rumored girlfriend Zheng Shuang, who celebrated her 21st birthday the day before.  The two were seen in Shanghai together and friends had put pictures of the birthday party up.   On weibo today, he wrote "You're so beautiful today,Happy Birthday." 

Actor Li Chen, too, took to confessing on weibo.   "You fight alone in this city, rent a small home, and frequently doesn't take taxi's; You like the life and work here, and persists and works for it.  You are real, you love and hate clearly, straight-forward like a kid.  You make me believe the phrase --- "Where, what, it's all important.  What's important is with whom."  So, on this special day, I want to tell you: "From today on, until the edge of the sky and end of the world, you have me to accompany you.  @Zhang Xinyu."

source: Weibo's of Li Chen新浪个人认证 and Zhang Han
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