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28th-Aug-2015 11:12 am - weekly birthday post


Mainland actor Yuan Hong turning 33 on August 23

Taiwan actor and singer Jiro Wang turning 34 on August 24

Taiwan singer Elva Hsiao turning 36 on August 24

Mainland actress Crystal Liu Yifei turning 27 on August 25

Hong Kong actor Chilam Cheung turning 43 on August 27

Taiwan actor Bolin Chen turning 31 on August 27

ong Kong actor and singer Nicholas Tse turning 34 on August 29

If there are any other birthdays between August 23rd and August 29th, let us know in the comments.
25th-Aug-2015 09:04 pm - Kai Ko finally gots a job

Kai Ko last year was caught up in a drug scandal, being banned from China. Now he finally has a job! He is the spokesperson for the online game based on the novel 射鵰英雄傳 (The Legend of the Condor Heroes). His contract with the company is estimated to be about $1 million NT.

source: appledaily
he's lucky his dad got connections and his agent is powerful imo
21st-Aug-2015 11:12 am - weekly birthday post


Hong Kong singer G.E.M turning 24 on August 16

Hong Kong actress and singer Karena Lam turning 37 on August 17

Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan turning 45 on August 18

Hong Kong actor and singer Leo Ku turning 43 on August 18

Hong Kong singer and actress Sammi Cheng turning 43 on August 19

Hong Kong musician Yip Sai Wing turning 52 on August 19

Taiwan singer Hsiao Hung Jen turning 30 on August 21

Singaporean actress Chen Liping turning 50 on August 22

Mainland actress Zheng Shuang turning 24 on August 22

If there are any other birthdays between August 16th and August 22nd, let us know in the comments.
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