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On April 20th, SNH48's first sister groups, BEJ48 (based in Beijing) and GNZ48 (based in Guangzhou) revealed their 1st generation members. BEJ48's Team BIII and GNZ48's Team G made their theater debut on April 29th, with Team EII and Team NIII debuting on April 30th.


Team BIIICollapse )

Team EIICollapse )


Team GCollapse )

Team NIIICollapse )

com3 1, 2, 3, 4, writeup by me

not sure if theres any interest here for these groups but i figured i'd try!
these sort of 'theatre' groups are getting popular in china, 1931 is another group with a similar concept
'Snowstorm' is the first single off of her upcoming album, Love storm.

華納音樂 Warner Music Taiwan Official

I wonder if this will hit for her?
'My Only Love' is the opening theme to the currently-airing TW drama Love @ Seventeen 我和我的十七歲.


It's always a nice surprise to hear Alan Kuo's voice. Is anybody watching this drama? It's not terrible (yet).
東山再起 is the first cut off of Nan Quan Mama's new album 'All New Attack.'


Album info from YesAsiaCollapse )
29th-Apr-2016 11:01 am - weekly birthdays


Mayday bassist Masa turning 39 on April 25th

Chinese actor and martial artist Jet Li turning 53 on April 26th

Chinese actress Joan Chen turning 57 on April 26th

➤ If there are any other birthdays between April 24th and April 30th, let us know in the comments.
28th-Apr-2016 01:23 pm - Random Prince (Wang Zi) report

I went through this with my very rudimentary reading ability lol, so anyone who's GOOD, feel free to add more things.

Best parts (to me anyway):

- he loves cars
- Mao Di "stole" his car while he was filming (for two years) and he isn't really into washing them (lazy arse). XD
- solo album (later this year?)
- he really suffered in that filming: got kicked by a horse, had to trudge through snow to his hotel, etc.

Source: http://tw.iscarmg.com/index.php/hottest/hot-people/40137-hotvip20160428
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