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19th-Jan-2017 12:56 pm - Wu Yifan wins defamation case

[Wu Yifan wins defamation case. Justice may be late, but it won’t be absent.] The court posted a poster of Wu Yifan winning his defamation case today. The contents of the message are that all shapes and forms of media are flourishing these days, with many grasping at straws and passing on rumors. The cost of creating gossip is low, and lurid editing is easy to achieve. All sorts of ill winds online must be punished heavily. We await further action from Wu Yifan after this judgement, and trust in the fair rulings of the courts. [good]

Part of the notice is posted below:

A certain Weibo account accused Wu Yifan of owing RMB 3.5B due to gambling, whoring, drinking, and excessive partying. Wu Yifan sued for slander, and the courts have determined on Jan. 12 that this Weibo account is to post for 15 days in a row apologizing to Wu Yifan, in addition to paying psychological damages of RMB 20,000 and legal fees of RMB 12,200.

In addition, the company operating the Weibo website has been ordered to pay economic damages of RMB 120,000 and psychologicaldamages of RMB 100,000. However, the company has said that it has revealed the personal information of the Weibo account and deleted the posts. Thus, it shouldn’t be held responsible.

Netizens react below:

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Angelababy gave birth to a baby son in Hong Kong this morning and her husband, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) distributed wives' cakes and water to the reporters in the evening. He said: "Thank you for waiting and the concerns. Angelababy and our baby are tired and please give us some privacy. I will tell everybody if the baby is discharged. Please go back and rest and have dinner. Thank you for the concerns again."

Source: Ming Pao (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
19th-Jan-2017 12:40 pm - Luhan - Skin to Skin MV!!!

Prince of China blesses us w/  Skin to Skin from Xplore. 

subbed here
[official audio]

this is cute. he escaped sm in 2011. wrote songs for Kris Wu and Zhang Jie.
Source: Tenecent

The Hong Kong actor was filming an ad shoot at the time

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau has suffered a serious spinal injury after falling off a horse in Thailand.

Lau, 55, was shooting an advert in a rural part of Thailand when he was thrown from the horse he was riding. According to the South China Morning post, the horse took fright, throwing Lau to the ground before stepping back onto the actor’s waist, fracturing his spine.

The Infernal Affairs star is currently not mobile and has flown back to Hong Kong in a medical plane to receive further diagnosis and treatment.

Filming of the ad has been suspended.

“Mr Andy Lau was shooting a commercial in Thailand on Jan. 17, 2017 when he had a little accident and fell off a horse, resulting in a pelvic laceration. A medical team took care of him and everything is fine now Please do worry,” said a statement from Topman Global, one of Lau’s companies.

Lau has been promoting his latest film, The Great Wall, which will be released in the west on 17 February. The actor recently said that winning awards was “not important” to him.


Oh nooooo :(
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