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Taiwanese singer Bowie Tsang turning 44 on February 21st

Chinese singer Wei Chen turning 31 on February 22nd

Hong Kong musician Kenny Bee turning 64 on February 23rd
21st-Feb-2017 12:27 am - Shi Shi- Where will you go MV

this is one of my favorite songs from her album... i mean i kinda like the whole album too.

source : YT
he also plays the female roles Peking Opera too. this song was on repeat for me but i never saw the mv.


Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye turning 37 on February 14th

Hong Kong singer and Cookies member Miki Yeung turning 32 on February 14th

Hong Kong director Tsui Hark turning 67 on February 15th


Taiwanese singer Tank turning 35 on February 6th

Hong Kong actress Sharla Cheung turning 50 on February 7th

Hong Kong actor Dicky Cheung turning 52 on February 8th

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi turning 38 on February 9th

Chinese singer and actor Han Geng turning 33 on February 9th

Chinese classical pianist Yuja Wang turning 30 on February 10th

Taiwanese singer Candy Hsu turning 19 on February 10th

Chinese actress Eva Huang turning 34 on February 11th
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