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31st-Jul-2015 12:18 pm - Check In: Cpop 2015 (music post!)

That is, how has 2015's Cpop been?  Have your faves been great or disappointing?  New discoveries?  Favorite albums?  I'll get the ball rolling with my favorite albums so far and then the rest that I've been listening to.

The notable comebacks have to be R-chord and Da Mouth and neither album disappointed imo. Da Mouth went all retro-80s realness and R-chord mixed it up with some hard rock, ballads and poppier things with female vocals.


Chris Tang - Yi Shen Shi Ai
Spexial - Love Killah
大嘴巴 (Da Mouth) - Back To The Future
Mr. - Reality Game
R-chord - The Crazy Ones

The Rest

Karen Mok – 不散,不見
Faye Wong - Fleet of Time
Li Rong Hao - iTunes Session
Kary Ng - Glamorous
Shin - Whatever, I just believe
A-Mei - Amit 2
Pakho Chau - WHITE
Ken Hung - 那天
William Chan - 等等
Sherman Chung - True Instinct
Yen-J - Thanks Giving
Eason Chan - Getting Ready
Jason Chan - Escape

31st-Jul-2015 11:12 am - weekly birthday post


Hong Kong actor and martial artist Yuen Biao turning 58 on July 26

Hong Kong actor and martial artist Donnie Yen turning 52 on July 27

Hong Kong actor and singer Eason Chan turning 41 on July 27

Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu turning 53 on July 28

Hong Kong singer Priscilla Chan turning 49 on July 28

Taiwanese singer and actor Show Luo turning 36 on July 30

Hong Kong singer Jade Kwan turning 35 on July 31

Hong Kong actress Teresa Mak turning 39 on August 1

If there are any other birthdays between July 26th and August 1st, let us know in the comments.
金城武//Sexy specs
After much speculation, it was finally revealed that mainland actress Angelababy has been cast in the upcoming Wong Kar Wai produced film, "Ferryman".

According to Tencent Entertainment, the actress was recently photographed filming with Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, who plays the movie lead.

The two of them were filming on the streets of Shanghai at 2am. Tony was seen carrying a jacket over his shoulder, while a more demure looking Angelababy kept her head down.

Previously, a lot of rumours had gone around about a possible casting of Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun as the love interest for Tony Leung. However, it had since been debunked by both parties, especially after Jun announced her temporary retirement from showbiz due to her pregnancy.

"Ferrymen" is a comedy film written and directed by Zhang Jiajia, the original author of the short story from his "I Belonged To You" anthology.

In addition to Tony and Angelababy, the movie also stars Takeshi Kaneshiro.

h/t sg.entertainment.yahoo.com

I still want to call her Angelbaby. :(
28th-Jul-2015 07:25 pm - Alien Huang- Forget Me mv
'Forget Me' is the theme song for the TW movie Gatao.

28th-Jul-2015 07:22 pm - By2- Cat and Mouse mv
hot noda


来 kitty kitty kitty
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