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Rock band Magic Power's DJ Goo, also known as GBOYSWAG, announces his solo debut with the album Make It Real! Returning as a singer-songwriter, an arranger and album producer, Goo also showcases his dancing talent in the hip-hop jam Uh-Huh choreographed by top American dancer Lando Wilkins. Ballads like "Pray for Love" and "Dilemma," as well as remixes of "Meant to Be" and "Uh-Huh VS LI-HI" by renowned DJ Mykal, are also on the tracklist.

01. 嗯哼:最強話術神曲
02. 可以唷:夠LI-HI才可以唷
03. 為愛而愛:狠狠愛 偶爾壞
04. I’m super ready:敢衝才是王道
05. 不會愛就別愛:原諒 是心碎的副產品
06. Make It Real:你認定 我認真
07. 我不壞你不愛:Why?因為愛
08. 嗯哼VS可以唷(Slamer & DJ Mykal a.k.a.林哲儀 2-in-1 Blend Remix):話術神曲超LI-HI
09. 我不壞你不愛(Slamer & DJ Mykal a.k.a.林哲儀 PhutureStep Remix):不同的壞 一樣好愛
10. Natural High(2017世大運版):天生好手自然High

2nd-Dec-2016 07:51 pm - Miss Ko- Queen of Queens audio


ngl, she had me at 'I'm not your idol, I'm your idol's idol'

After a 14-year gap, and countless action movies, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung makes his return to the comedies by starring in upcoming Chinese film, Monster Hunt 2, the second installment of popular movie, Monster Hunt.

Tony, a five-time Best Actor winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards, will be starring alongside Taiwanese actors Yo Yang and Boran Jing, who was estatic about his first collaboration with the veteran actor. “I can quit showbiz happily after this!” he joked.

After news of Tony joining the Monster Hunt cast surfaced, fans have been speculating his role in the movie. Although it is unconfirmed if he will be playing a monster, the production company guaranteed that he will be given a meaty role as filming gets underway.

Monster Hunt 2, a period movie, would be set in a time where humans and monsters co-exist. Its first installment was the highest-grossing Chinese movie of all time, before it was overtaken by Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid.

2nd-Dec-2016 11:31 am - 53rd Golden Horse Awards Winners

The 53rd Golden Horse Awards were held in Taipei on November 26. Mainland Chinese director Zhang Dalei's The Summer Is Gone, a black-and-white drama about a boy's last summer vacation before entering junior high, emerged as the surprise winner, beating out I Am Not Madame Bovary, The Road to Mandalay, Soul Mate, Godspeed and Trivisa for Best Film. The film also won Best New Performer for its child star Kong Weiyi

Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun shared Best Leading Actress honors for their roles as close friends through the years in Soul Mate while Fan Wei was crowned Best Leading Actor for his role in the black-and-white Lao She-based drama Mr. No Problem, which also won Best Adapted Screenplay. Feng Xiaogang, who did not attend the awards ceremony last year when he won Best Actor, was on hand this year to receive the Best Director prize for I Am Not Madame Bovary.

Young Taiwan actor Austin Lin of coming-of-age drama At Café 6 edged out Paul Chun, Eric Tsang and Lam Suet to become the dark horse winner in the Best Supporting Actor category. Veteran Elaine Kam, meanwhile, earned her second Best Supporting Actress Prize after 22 years for Mad World. The Hong Kong drama about coping with mental illness also won Best New Director for Wong Chun.

Hong Kong crime drama Trivisa picked up Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing while detective comedy Chinatown Detective won Best Action Choreography and Best Makeup & Costume Design. Other technical prizes went to Crosscurrent (Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design), Mojin: The Lost Legend (Best Visual Effects) and Chung Mong Hong's Godspeed, which had led with eight nominations but got shut out of all categories except Best Art Direction. Taiwan musician Lim Giong won Best Original Film Score for the fourth time for his work on City of Jade, and Zee Avi's Arena Cahaya from Ola Bola was named the Best Original Film Song.

87-year-old Taiwan screenwriter Chang Yung Hsiang, who has written over 120 film scripts, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.



Taiwan musician and Mayday guitarist Monster turning 40 on November 28th

Taiwan singer, actor and host Alien Huang turning 33 on November 28th

Hong Kong director Peter Chan turning 54 on November 28th

Taiwan model and actress Lin Chi-ling turning 42 on November 29th

Malaysian singer Nicholas Teo turning 35 on November 29th

Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan turning 34 on December 3rd
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