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24th-Sep-2016 01:18 pm - Birthdays for September 18-24


Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung turning 52 on September 20th

Mainland actor and singer Hu Ge turning 34 on September 20th

Hong Kong singer Mandy Chiang turning 34 on September 22nd

Chinese author, blogger and race car driver Han Han turning 34 on September 23rd

Hong Kong actress Rosamund Kwan turning 54 on September 24th

If there are any other birthdays between September 18 and September 24, let us know in the comments.
Journey to the West drops 09/28. Which version are you, aiya? I'm super excited for both but I'm leaning more towards black because Zion.t/Crush/Khalil is going to be amazing and RING FINGER STUDIO VERSION FINALLY

22nd-Sep-2016 09:30 pm - Kimi Qiao - 环城巴士 MV

this was uploaded yesterday </3
source YT
22nd-Sep-2016 04:08 pm - Chinese film and censorship

China is the future – in cinema terms at least. As Hollywood expansionist strategy makes clear, most film-industry insiders believe that China is where the money is, and will be. Despite a recent dip in takings, the Chinese box office is expected to outgross the US’s in 2017 for the first time: projections suggest that Chinese cinemas will earn $10.4bn, as opposed to $10.2bn in the US. In February, the huge totals for the Stephen Chow film The Mermaid helped China’s monthly gross – $1.05bn – surpass that of all of North America (including Canada), which was $790m for the same period.

China is moving towards Hollywood, too. In an effort spearheaded by billionaire Wang Jianlin, the Dalian Wanda Group has been investing in anything that is for sale in Tinseltown, including Batman producers Legendary Entertainment and the cinema chain AMC, and is currently angling to acquire Paramount. Meanwhile, Hollywood increasingly has to comply with China’s written and unwritten regulations, and make countless compromises, to produce audience-pleasing blockbusters that satisfy the censors. And in order to bypass the quota that China sets for foreign movies (34 a year), US studios have started to make co-productions with Chinese ones – adapting further to China’s requests, censorship and regulations in order to do so.

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